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Vodka of the Month Club 3 Months


item vclub3mos


3 monthly shipments of one 750ml bottle of Vodka.

We will customize a Drink of the Month Gift Certificate to send to your recepient either via mail or email to inform them of the gift they will be receiving.
Each month your guest will receive one vodka bottle from the top producers such as: Armadale Vodka Scotland 750ml,
Belvedere Vodka Poland 750ml, Ciroc Vodka France 750ml, Chopin Vodka (Poland) 750ml, Effen Vodka Holland 750ml, Grey Goose Vodka (France) 750ml, Ketel One Vodka (Holland) 750ml, Mezzaluna Vodka (Italy) 750ml, Pravda Vodka Russia 750ml, Precis Vodka Sweden 750ml, Turi Vodka Estonia 750ml
Vox Vodka (Netherlands) 750ml, and the many other brands that we offer.

The cost of this outstanding package is $76.00 per month, plus shipping (add sales tax if you live in New Jersey). Shipping for the whole duration will be charged at checkout.
Note: Look forward to your club orders on the 1st of every month.

This makes a great Gift or something you can enjoy everyday.